Our Story

Since 1963, Clifford Thieneman Co. has been building quality homes and providing home owners with a building experience that is based on honesty, extreme quality, and solid construction practices. Oh yeah, and their houses are gorgeous as well.
“Our homes are our reputation.” says Clifford Sr. That reputation led to being named the Home Builders Association of Louisville’s Builder Of The Year.
Having built in dozens of neighborhoods, Clifford Thieneman Co. now brings its legendary status to you! Their presence enhances the experience and pride that will permeate through developments. Get ready to experience and enjoy the work of one of Louisville’s Finest!
Louisville has always been quick to recognize and reward great talent, vision, and longevity by creating legends with name recognition in certain industries…like the name Thieneman in new home construction.
Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with a quality built home and a pleasant building experience that is based on honesty and integrity!

—Clifford Thieneman

Meet the Thienemans: Clifford Sr. and Clifford Jr. (Pete)
“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”
—Hebrews 3:4